From GDP/44 DM

DM (born 1921) was married to a former Naval officer and lived in Hampshire at the time this diary entry was written.

24 August 1974

P [the diarist’s husband] kept me in bed for breakfast, which was gorgeous luxury. I had a bath when I got up, gave our bedroom a dust and hoover, then came downstairs to get a cooked lunch, which we had outside, and also did one tubful of washing. I peeled a lot of apples, then stewed them with the blackberries we’d picked yesterday to go in the freezer. Began mending the raspberry net, sitting on a stool on the lawn to do it while P continued the mowing and edge cutting which he’d begun this morning. Had biggish tea, left supper prepared for Pop [the diarist’s father-in-law], then P, N [the diarist’s daughter] and I went to see “Oedipus Tyrannus” at Chichester – meeting N’s flat-mate RA, there. Not as bad as we’d been led to believe.