A number of Covid-19 centric diaries have made their way to us. Many use the word ‘plague’ in the title. All deal with the political and personal aspects of this 21st century pandemic. The most recent addition includes observations on day-to-day life. GDP 549.

6th June 2020

Historical Truth and Human Truth

Fortunately for the majority of us living through historic times is mostly just a spectator sport; rather like standing at the back of the crowd and jumping occasionally to get a glimpse of what is really going on centre stage. Although we are bombarded with daily briefings, statistics, opinions, breaking news, and interviews, I still feel certain that there is so much going on that we know little about – the real stuff that future historians will be interested in…it seems to me that historical truth can only ever be a matter of opinion, or of interpretation; a truth that can be argued over and debated…crucially a truth that can change over time. The human truth is something that touches us all, that we can identify with directly and emotionally; a truth that is fixed and that bites.