Dr. Polly North Founding Director

Polly North kick started the project with Irving Finkel in 2007. The project moved to its permanent home, the Bishopsate Institute, in 2009. Polly directs the project at the Bishopsgate Institute, please contact her with anything diary related pollynorth{@}hotmail.com.

Dr. Irving Finkel Founder

Irving Finkel studied Assyriology at the University of Birmingham. He is the Assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian script, languages and cultures at the British Museum. His huge  interest in diaries was kindled by the chance purchase of the long run of diaries of Godfrey Williams, as soon as Irving met Godfrey he committed himself to collecting as many diaries by ordinary people as he could.

Stefan Dickers Library and Archives Manager

Stefan Dickers is the Library and Archives Manager at Bishopsgate Institute.