I have applied to the Red Cross to go overseas as a Welfare Officer in Military Hospitals. Flip met a woman in London about to go to India on this scheme, got details for me and after my usual deliberation and even ruling out the idea for fear of being away when David returns, I’ve now realised it maybe the very thing I want. I see it this way. a. Such an opportunity will never present itself again; b. I am entirely without ties; c. extremely fed up with and restless in my present job at the Town Hall etc.; d. must get out of my present rut and do something in order to keep a sense of proportion about David and, if need be, offer the situation some competition and so test it for genuineness; f. I stand to lose nothing but gain in experience, and I hope character; g. the contract is for 1 year in Europe, 2 years in India and, as I see things, David can’t be home much under 2 years, then only for a short leave and then off again, and he’s to get the divorce.