From GDP/57 James Bennetts Williams
James Bennetts Williams (1856-1924) worked in the Cornish tin mines. During the latter decades of the nineteenth century, the tin-mining industry in Cornwall went into decline. Looking for work, Williams emigrated to Bolivia. Here, he describes the voyage.
October 3 1883
We stayed on deck until dark last night & then went below & turned in but could not sleep for a long time, there was such a chatter with the foreigners, we were awoke early this morning with some one playing a music could not sleep after. I had a wash & went out on deck & discovered we were just going up to Lisbon it seems a very nice place, lots of boats & vessels lying in the river anchored, the town is situated on the side of an hill rising from the Sea several of our passengers have gone ashore to see the place. We are now taking in coals, water &c. for the remainder of the voyage, the boats are rigged differently from ours at home. We have just sent off our letters for home, I believe all the boys have written. The gulls are flying about the boat in flocks, the wind is blowing from the East & it is very sharp but the sky is clear sun shining brightly, the water looks dirty, very much like Bordeaux. Fruit is not so cheap as we expected, we had a little brought on board. We have taken on board from this place about 15 tons coal & water, also a lot of beef & mutton & about a doz. bullocks to kill on the voyage & one doz. horned sheep & 16 Bulls to go to Buenos Ayres for fighting. It is time such proceedings were put a stop to, torturing the poor creatures. We have just had our tea of cold beef & raw onions, we have again started to go down the river, we shall soon pass the Lighthouse and then be out at sea again. I should think the vessel was packed full of all sorts of things, scarcely room to move on deck. The sun has set splendid, we stayed on deck until dark, it is a beautiful Evening, we are 4 of us under the boat talking over things & about home & the folks we left behind. It is good to think of home when far away on the deep blue sea.