From GDP/44 DM

At the time of writing this entry, DM was in her early 40s and lived in Southern England with her husband, who was a Naval officer, and four children. Here, she describes the family’s Christmas.

25 December 1963

C [the youngest of the diarist’s three daughters] and R [the diarist’s son and youngest child, aged 11] came to open their stockings in our bed – positively the last appearance of Father Christmas we have told them.

Usual clear-up after breakfast then all went to Matins at Warblington, which was very full. Home to get cold lunch for which [the diarist’s father-in-law] joined us, having been driven back from church by Mr B. Opened presents in drawing-room after lunch, after which everyone else went out for a walk except me, who cleared up and laid tea, and J [the diarist’s eldest daughter] who meant to help me but had a long phone call instead. P [the diarist’s husband] showed old films in drawing-room after tea, while L [the diarist’s second daughter] and I did final touches for dinner. E [the diarist’s aunt] came over to dinner, which we had in dining-room by candle-light.