20 June (for 14 June)

From GDP/30 WK

WK was a journalist on the “Times” in the early 1960s, and often reported on African affairs. After leaving the “Times”, he began working for the careers service at the University of Oxford. Here, he describes being visited in his new home by Kenneth Kaunda, the President of Zambia, who was attending a Commonwealth leaders’ meeting.

20 June 1965

At 11a.m. Kenneth Kaunda and his wife came, in Daimler with flag flying and Special Branch Man (Keble, IV Theol. 1952) in attendance.

K. very tired, being overworked both at home and here during the Commonwealth PMs’ meeting.

We chatted for a bit, then showed them round the garden and K. weeded the onion bed.

We lunched early (cheese soufflé, salmon and salad, gooseberry crumble, homemade lemonade). And then, having turned down the offer of a tour of the colleges, K. went to bed (A [the diarist’s wife] had made up the spare bed) till 5.

They left at 6 for Chequers, apparently much refreshed and having enjoyed their visit.