5 May

From GDP/7 DG

DG (born 1948) was a nurse in South London, who at the time of this entry was doing a course in Nursing Training. Here, she writes about the storming of the Iranian embassy by the SAS following the taking of 26 hostages by Arab separatists. The diarist’s husband, a member of the Metropolitan Police’s Diplomatic Protection Group, was on the scene when the embassy was stormed.

5 May 1980

B [the diarist’s husband] on 6am. D [the diarist’s son] & I up 10.30ish!! Tried booking hol again – no dice. Rang A! Washed all the Teddies – amazing how bright they are!!! After lunch – lesson preps. ALL pm!! In early eve. Embassy Siege – stormed by SAS – shooting +++ B there – not hurt thank God – nearly gassed tho – C.S. Home 10pm what a relief.