17 November (to Post 15 November)
From GDP/8 JL
JL (1803-1865) owned and rented out property in London. In his diaries, he regularly recorded a mixture of his business dealings, family news, and politics. In this entry, he shows particular interest in Italian Unification (although confusing King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia with the novelist Victor Hugo) and the progress of the Second Opium War in China. He also notes the burial of the Earl of Dundonald – better known during his naval service in the Napoleonic Wars as Lord Cochrane.
17 November 1860
Mrs. L dined with Mrs. Gordon in London – has been ill many weeks & went to Dr. Quinn – and called on Mr. Cobbin close by, saw him & John & Mary.
Prince of Wales returned home from America – had a long rough passage, some days longer than usual – landed at Plymouth.
Garibaldi having conquered large parts of Italy – has resigned it all to Victor Hugo [sic] – who is proclaimed King of Italy – & returned to his humble home – great praise is due to him – it is thought the Pope will have to leave Rome.
The French & English armies have taken some places in China & are gone to Pekin [sic] – to take it – to see the Emperor & oblige him to agree to our terms for trade commerce &c.
The Earl of Dundonald – buried in Westminster Abbey.