21 March

From GDP/32 Anonymous
This anonymous diary was kept by someone resident in London between 1735 and 1736. It records the religious services attended by its author. Most of these took place at the non-conformist chapel in Ropemaker’s Alley, Moorfields (which later moved to Aldermanbury Postern). In this entry, the author gives a brief description of a sermon preached by Peter Goodwin, the congregation’s minister between 1730 and 1747, on a text taken from Ephesians ch. 2 v. 8.

Mr. Goodwin at Ropem’rs ally Even 21st Mar 1735[/6]: 2 Eph 8: For by Grace are ye saved thro faith & that not of your selves it is the gift of God. 2: To consider the fountain of this salvation & this our text tells us is the grace of God. Eph 1:4 & Titus 3:4 & This Grace of God is sometimes call’d Love of God; Grace is Love in him who is unoblidged [illegible] apply if it be only by the Grace of God thro + that there can be Salvation for Sinners. This shews us the Sin & folly of the papists that make works meritorious Gen 32:10 Jacob counted himself Less than the least of all Gods mercys Rev 4:10 :: 2 this truth speaks to the direction & encouragem’t to awakened Sinners, expect salvation by the free Grace of God thro [illegible] & seek it thro Christ & him alone pray that you may be enabled to come unto Christ by faith; relying upon his merits & righteousnefs alone 1 Tim 1:14 encouragem’t to returning Sinners so true Bel’ers may from hence learn how much they are indebted to God & Christ 2 this should excite us to admire the Grace of God in Christs p’son & let us be truly thankfull for it afcribe all the Glory of our Salvation thro the Grace of God in Christ.