From GDP/8 John Leeson

John Leeson (1803-1865) owned and rented out property in London. In his diaries, he regularly recorded a mixture of his business dealings, family news, and politics. The regular arrivals and departures of servants pepper these diaries.

4 December 1847

Monday – Jane Plours left Mother’s service + she was without a servant on Tuesday + Wednesday and had to do all the work of the house.

Wednesday evening – Ann Brown, Uncle Day’s old servant came to live with us.

Thursday – Mother taken ill with a cough + cold – kept her bed on Friday, Saturday + Sunday + got worse. Mr. French attended her.

Richard [the diarist’s brother] came to town on Thursday + stayed until Sunday when he went home again.

Mother had quantities of phlegm on her stomach + lungs + which she has not the strength to spit up. Breathing difficult – Head aches.