This set of diaries are singular. They are a brilliant example of the exuberant, identity-seeking, shy yet bold wonder of youth!

Kathryn Anne Koon’s (née Green) diaries were written during the diarist’s teen years and early twenties, during her time at secondary school and into the third year of university in her home town of Manchester. They contain a vivid account of her formative years; with all the hopes, dreams and anxieties associated with adolescence. Unusually, they are formatted as correspondence, with the diary afforded a persona (‘Carie’) and entries addressed and concluded like letters. Although entries are not made every day, they are regular and comprehensive until the final two volumes (when gaps begin to appear). Included is a large amount of ephemera, including tickets to events, and photographs. Reflecting the writer’s cultural interests, the diaries also include accounts of a large number of films (at least two a month), indie rock gigs and festivals.