Born Kathleen Perry in Barrow-in-Furness. The diaries range from one from the ‘Anti-Vivesection Society’, to ‘The Film Goers Diary’ to five year diaries and a Letts School Girl Diary. The diaries catalogue the daily events in the life of an only child with two half sisters through her father’s previous marriage. She was educated at the local grammar school, which she left at 16. Moved to London in 1963 to work in the Civil Service. Met John Johnson in London and married in 1972. Settled in Ashton near Helston. Her husband died in 1987. Kathleen did not have any children. Until her retirement she worked in Helston Library. She was diagnosed with cancer in July 3rd 2015. Ms Johsnon kept a diary from the age of 14 – the 50 volumes cover every year from 1960 – 2015.