The GDP archive has stacks of diaries that deal with LOVE:

we have multiple teenage girls listing the boys they:

“‘Love’, ‘Hate’, ‘Passion’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Courtship’, ‘Flirtship’, ‘Marriage’”

& retired chaps sowing their oats with ladies on the internet….

The diversity of these texts illustrates that:

across ages,
sexual preference, and
cultural and geographical differences………. the ups -and -downs of LOVE/SEX etc are up –and -down.

We have what Philosophers, Psychiatrists and Neuroscientists and Pseudo-scientists tell us about love, in diaries we have what we remember.

The following is an extract from a diarist’s entry on a second date :

Tuesday 8 MONTH 2002:
9.45 Physio [?] called in on Victor on way back. (Bish. A.) C. had left message – ill with sore throat. A. phoned 7:57. her purse has been stolen [and] she has to report it to police etc. So [,] it will probably be 9ish before she arrives [and] will she be in the mood for a spot of slap [and] tickle. We’ll see. Am I fated. Nice line in underwear – changed into stockings [and] suspenders after getting here [and] then told me that she would not continue to see me. She enjoyed the sex as much as first time. Very overweight. (ii)

Tune in to our next post for further info….