From GDP/1 AM

AM was born in 1937 and grew up in Cumbria. She kept a detailed diary during her teenage years and her early twenties, covering her final years at school, and her first job doing secretarial work in Edinburgh. Here she describes a dance she attended when she was 16.

5 December 1953

When I woke up this morning, I was honestly surprised to find that I had survived the night! Old Champagne C left immediately after he’d had his morning tea – never even waited for his breakfast.

The party was great fun + the cocktail a terrific success. J was there when I arrived, also F’s other woman B – lovely girl. I had dinner – excellent – then the dancing began. I really began to enjoy myself about 12 when B + I started dancing together. Before that I’d danced with D, E, B, N + G, who had J draped round his beck most of the evening. B + I had the most wonderful time – hot versions of the Tango and the Jitterbug. By 2.30, G was beginning to smoulder a bit because J kept dancing with E + D. B + I couldn’t help laughing – he looked so darn belligerent!! (Studiously avoided me until he found he had no-one else to dance with, then said – why are you always to reserved? I nearly said “because you’re so damn superior”! B brought me home at 3.45.