Happy New Year 2013

From GDP/1 AM

AM was born in 1937 and grew up in Cumbria. She kept a detailed diary during her teenage years and her early twenties, covering her final years at school, and her first job doing secretarial work in Edinburgh. This is the final entry in her diary, covering her 21st birthday.

Friday 3 January 1958

I had a quite out of this world [21st] birthday + gathered around me all the people I love best. There were dozens of cards, telegrams + parcels to open + I had some heavenly presents. Special note for R’s [the diarist’s boyfriend] watch + K’s silver powder compact.

The party began at seven – M&D + I had lots of photos taken + a great drink before the rush began. It was a heavenly party + the buffet looked wonderful. I cut my cake, drank Champagne + made my speech at nine + then thank heaven it was over. Wonderful to see A, N + E again + to dance with them all. We went on till about three in the morning + went to bed on the crest of a wave. I shall never be able to thank M&D enough for all they’ve done for me. This seems to be an… [rest missing]