We have just received an extraordinary five volumes by an astute and articulate Ms Daniels: 1925 (Bryant and May’s Matches imprint), 1926 (Bryant and May’s Matches imprint), 1927 (Bryant and May’s Matches imprint), 1938 and 1944 – 1946. Each volume is written in copperplate. However, much of the space available in the early diaries is occupied by newspaper cuttings. Ms Daniels conscientiously records mainly public events, especially geo-political developments, that are of import. This is a particularly interesting period as the years leading up to and towards the end of the 2nd world war are covered. Ms Daniels offers her own response to the opinions she finds in the newspapers. The diaries are not mere reports or verbatim factual accounts, Ms Daniels is articulate, thoughful and considered in her opinions. At the end of 1946 Ms Daniels decides that as she has been recording details that have little relevance to public/ world events she will stop recording these diaries.