20 December (post 20 Dec)

From GDP/1 AM

AM was born in 1937 and grew up in Cumbria. She kept a detailed diary during her teenage years and her early twenties, covering her final years at school, and her first job doing secretarial work in Edinburgh.

20 December 1952

My report came today and seems pretty hopeful regards the prefect business. “AM is making good progress in every way” written incidentally by the C [a teacher]. I think it’s about the best report I’ve ever had – even games was quite good! J, S [friends of the diarist] and I decided to go to Whitehaven in the afternoon. It was pretty miserable – pouring with rain. But I managed to get the Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke so I felt pretty cheerful. We spent half the afternoon in the record shop listening to Black & White Rag, Sugarbush, and [illegible] Up. In the end we bought Black & White Rag which reminds me that J & S owe me 1/5d each – I paid for the record. We saw a terrific film about the U.S. cavalry and the Indians! I love cowboys & Indians! We got home at the usual time + B & DB – he’s the image of his father now.