We were recently gifted the diaries of the niece of an existing diarist in the archive. The spirit lives on!
Both diarists are fascinating and ground-breaking women.

Frances Muriel Hazelton is the niece of diarist, Irene Griffiths.

Frances’ diaries are primarily exercise books of different colours and size.

The diaries cover the diarist’s adolescence and her 19th and 20th years, in which the diarist worked at the BBC as a ‘female newsroom attendant’ and her entry in to St Hugh’s College in Oxford in the 60s, no mean feat for a woman in male preserve…..

The diarist writes infrequently and descriptively. Entries, when they are made, tend to be long. There are loose sheets containing the diarist’s poetry. The diarist’s parents were active communists during the period the diaries cover.