5 April
From GDP/31 AR

AR (1905-1993) grew up in Stepney. She kept a diary regularly as a young woman, and later made occasional entries when particularly significant events happened. Here, she records her son’s Bar Mitzvah and her daughter’s wedding.
July 1949

An exciting year! A [the diarist’s son] got Barmitzvahed on April 24 – we had a lovely party, and he said his speech very well, without any shyness – and everything went smoothly.

On July 7th – last week, G [the diarist’s daughter] got married – Its [sic] hard to realize – it seems such a little while ago that she was a baby – then a toddler + a schoolgirl, and then a “teen-ager” – now she’s married – and I’m a mother-in-law… Every-one said how young I looked to have a married daughter.

G looked very sweet in white satin, a very lovely gown that she designed herself – with a fine lace yoke – and long sleeves – + a lace “Juliet” cap with lace flowers trimming it – and a bouquet of red roses. I had a lovely outfit – I wore cyclamen [illegible] taffeta – with hat to match + bird of paradise plumes, to tone – and ORCHIDS. I say it myself – but the whole outfit was beautiful and every-one admired it.
It was a lovely wedding – all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The ceremony was at Cricklewood Synagogue + reception at Grosvenor Rooms, Willesden – it was really grand – up to pre-war standard – a splendid dinner – a first-class band – it was such a jolly good and happy atmosphere – G & J are away in Switzerland on their honeymoon – G asked me, where did I go on my honey-moon – I told her “Borough High St” – Its nice to be able to give one’s children what we never had ourselves… Its what we work for.