James Bennetts Williams aged 27 (1883) emigrated to Bolivia to work in the silver mines, following the decline of Cornish tin-mining in the second half of the nineteenth century. The first volume gives a detailed, vivid account of the diarist’s journey from Cornwall to Bolivia: including, sightings of flying fish and mirages; shooting wild ducks; lashings of drunkenness and death and encounters with native women and spying.

Locations: Truro, Birkenhead, Bordeaux, Vigo, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Punta Arenas, Lota, Talcahuano, Valparaiso, Los Vilos, Tongoy, Coquimbo, Sarco, Huasco, Caldera, Taltal, Paposo, Antofogasta, Cobija, Tocopilla, Barriles, Calama, Huanchaca, Atocha, Tatasi.