From GDP/27 Rev. D (Digby) B

In this excerpt, he writes about the passage of a new Church of England Prayer Book through the House of Lords. The proposal was later defeated in the Commons.

15 December 1927

Snow, but did not rest. The set P.Bk. passed the Lords yesterday – 241 for 88 against – much better than I had expected & I think most people. Today the Commons vote. The most dangerous parts passed & in HoC all in [illegible] but the opp: we may be [illegible] than we anticipated &be endorsed by many abstentions.

29 December 1927

Cloudy at first, then beautifully fine, but I think no thaw at all – or none worth speaking about. The drifts about here are said to be the first since the great snow of Jan: 19th, 1881. For 4 days channel crossings from the country have been held up – said to be the longest delay for 50 years. Heavy loads on some railways are still blocked in S. E. England. I believe that the Harlow-Bp: Stratford: 2nd is still blocked, no buses from Stratford to Epping. Milder weather is just possible.