The Poetry School Workshop Location TBC London, 27 June 2015, open to all, with Julia Bird and Laura Barnicoat

During this event we will take you on a guided tour of the collection’s highlights in search of inspiration, discussing the varied impulses and styles of the diaries that have been building over the past couple of years. Then you’ll work on a series of diary-related reading and writing activities. Expect to be leafing through Larkin, MacNeice, Olds, Nin, Borodale and other diary-lovers, and bring a favourite published diary to work with (real or fictional, anything from Pepys to Bridget Jones). If you’re feeling brave, bring one of your own…We will be looking at:

* Innocence and teenage diaries

* Logbooks and the Quantified Self

* Sex, Secrecy & Code

* Wartime Diaries

* Digital Diaries

For each section of the day, you will be introduced to relevant themed extracts from The Great Diary Project archive and then we will be suggesting writing and reading tasks based on those themes.

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