3-5 May 

From GDP/58 – Mary Ann Williams (née Prout)

Mary Ann Prout (1861-1923) grew up in Cornwall. Here, she records illness and death among the children in the family of her future husband, James Bennetts Williams (whose diaries we also hold ref. GDP/57), as well as her feelings when her offer of help did not meet with the results she had expected.

Wednesday 3rd May 1882

Father went to Perran today. Mother went down to Post Office to send a Telegram to Mr Bunt and J.B.W. told her that he received a Telegram from Bristol saying that Laura is dead and for Miss Williams to come up. Miss W. left here at 1/2 past 12 oclock. Mother sent 2£ by her for Tom. Laura died of Whooping cough & inflamation [sic] their eldest child the baby is very ill. I wrote J.B.W. a note this morning telling him that I would do anything I could for them either at Beacon or Town. I am very glad they did not axept [sic] of my offer. After I wrote such a note he did not even take the trouble to answer it. I think he ought to have answered it I felt it very much I quite expected an answer I don’t know when I felt anything so much before all the answer I got was that he very coldly said on Friday that he thanked me for my offer. I was disappointed very much. I could hardly believe he had the note. I went out the Thursday and asked the girl I gave the note too [sic] where she carried it down. It made me feel low spirited for days. I don’t suppose J.B.W. thought it required an answer but I thought it did. I went down to Miss Trebilcock’s for tea to day. Father is not come home.

Thursday 4th May 1882

I expected every body that came up from Town had a note for me from J.B.W. what a silly girl I am. I walked over to Perran this afternoon to see Father he told me to wait for him I staid there until nearly 10 o clock and then walked home by myself.

Friday 5th May 1882

Mother went to chapel this evening. I did not go. I did not know what to do to keep myself from crying. J.B.W. was here. I was wishing he would go so that I could have my cry out. I believe I cryed [sic] while he was here. He wanted to know what was the matter. I wish I had more controll [sic] over my feelings.