12 February

From GDP/8 John Leeson

John Leeson (1803-1865) owned and rented out property in London. In his diaries, he regularly recorded a mixture of his business dealings, family news, and politics.

12 February 1853

Parliament met – Lord Aberdeen leader in the Lords & Lord J Russell in the Commons.

Charlotte [the diarist’s wife] called on Mrs. Beasley with her rents – is still ill, the abscess discharges very much & she takes but little nourishment.

Napoleon the 3rd Emperor of France married a young French Countess – we are strengthening the National Defences, in case he should invade England.

Charlotte called on Mrs. Egerton who although old & bed ridden, still appears in good health. Her little friend Louisa who had lived with her many years destroy’d herself, by jumping out of the bed room window into the street & died. She had lately been unsteady & had bad companions – who led her into bad ways.