The Diary Deposit Form

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As we are primarily concerned with ensuring the survival of as many documents as possible, we adopt a very liberal interpretation of the word ‘diary’. We require only a.) that entries in the diary be created regularly as a record of the diarist’s life or of events they consider significant, and b.) that its author accept the few terms and conditions of the archive to which the diarist deposits their diary.

Our collection runs from engagement diaries containing a person’s future plans, through short-term journals of holidays or other events, to long-running diaries in which regular, lengthy entries are made chronicling the diarist’s life. Diaries need not be kept in purpose-made bound volumes – we are very happy to accept diaries in any medium, including those kept in notebooks, on sheets of paper, or as sound recordings. Although we prefer original documents, we are also happy to accept copies, transcripts, or scans of diaries if the diarist or their family does not wish to part with the original. If you have a diary you would like to donate but are unsure as to whether we will accept it, please contact us – we are always happy to answer enquiries and we very seldom say no.

It is standard archival procedure that each new diary deposit is accompanied by a little paperwork.

If you wish to send us a diary please download, fill in, sign and return the form to:

Stefan Dickers or Polly North
Bishopsgate Institute
230 Bishopsgate
City of London

0207 392 9270

GDP Terms of deposit FORM